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The Maxyfactory | 176 east 81st #2d | NYC 10028 | 212.288.2239

Maxy took some of the freaks and geeks that pour off his fertile brush and put them in a peepshow: You click on the weirdo you want to see and their picture will appear along with their sad tales

Follow peechew from the crossroads, to the cafe du monde, from tipitina's to snug harbor. It's a virtual tour of the big easy.

New York. Where you can live in a building for 20 years and never meet your neighbors. Ever wanted to peek in their windows and see what their lives are really like? Here's your chance.

Use the keys you’ll find here to unlock the skeletons in uncle sam’s closets. Sorry kids, santa is a perve and the easter bunny is a duracell flack.