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portfolios and monographs
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:: my top 2o hits [9/2010]
:: the big easy
:: new york new york
:: ports of call
:: after dark
:: peoplewatching
:: details and fragments
:: in the natural world

interactive and i-pad monographs

:: 75 views of the chrysler building [14.3mb]... new yorkers speak their minds.
ipad/pdf version

:: fotophunnies #1: [7.4mb]... new yorkers speak their minds.
ipad/pdf version

:: bayou deco. beachhouse bauhaus: [9.4mb]... vernacular architectures of new orleans and florida.
ipad/pdf version

:: experiments on the edge of photography: [7.2/3.8mb]... what is a photo when a phone is the camera, a computor is the darkroom, and photos are pixels on a screen?
interactive pdf
ipad version


:: portraits of jackson square [3.7mb]... twice during the holidays. The first Reveillon came after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, when families returned from St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square...

:: one hour at the newscafé [7.1mb] ... instead of hightailing it early to the airport we sped down to South Beach to sit for an hour outside our favorite spot, the Newscafé on Ocean Drive, and watch the passing parade of people they call "the flow."

:: details and fragments [5.7mb] These details and fragments are quite often intentional, that is, they were placed and created by someone with an eye to how they look, how they stand in the visible world.

:: homage to monet [4.1mb] I love the impressionists for the emotions that the light, color and motion in their work evoke. I did not, however, seek to imitate them. I was on a different creative path. —

monographs (con'd)

:: portraits of world music [4.5mb] I first became interested in the music of West Africa some years ago after a trip to Paris, where, “sound unheard,” I bought some CDs of music from French-speaking Africa and caught the World Music bug...Of course everyone knows that the Blues came from Africa. But knowing it and hearing it are two different things

:: ochee: portrait of a jamaican town [7mb] Step through the door and you’re right on the beach overlooking the Caribbean. Throughout the gardens there are flowering bougainvilleas, pungent all-spice, banana, breadfruit, ackee, coconut, papaya and mango trees.

:: reflections [6.9mb] I hadn’t thought much about reflections until I started working in the digital darkroom and discovered how wonderful it is to bring those orphans into sharp focus. Not seeking to eradicate them, manipulating them out of existence, but making them an equal partner in the picture’s story...

:: wired at the genius bar [4.5mb] Not a "genius bar" like The White Horse Tavern in the Village or The Ritz in Paris, and certainly not wired like Hemingway or Dylan Thomas, but most certainly "wired," connected via iPhone and god-knows what proprietary apps to each other...

:: hacksnaps #1: down park to grand central [4.8mb] New York’s first central steam boiler plant was completed in 1881 and included 48 boilers and a 225-foot chimney... an installation was novel it was the cover story of the November 19, 1881 issue of Scientific American.

:: brash brass [5.2mb] Every night around 11 p.m. we would hear the oompah of a tuba and the blare of trumpets announcing that one of New Orleans young brass bands had arrived to get the party going.

:: the maze [3.9mb] below the street at 42nd and broadway, 9 subway lines converge and connect to the world. Like Dante’s Inferno, this underworld goes down at least 5 levels. and at places one can stand on the precipice of a stairwell and peer down deep into the maze.

:: out of the mire [6.2mb] Devastated by the break in the Industrial Canal levee and flood wall during hurricane Katrina, the lower ninth ward lay in ruins. Cars and trucks overturned, house blown off their foundations, the relics of peoples lives strewn about covered in muck and mire and mold...

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:: deconstructions [1:50] see experiments on the edge of photography for details

:: sobé flow [1:04] see monograph for details

:: faces in the crowd [1:44] see monograph for details

:: reflections [1:24] see monograph for details

:: brash brass [1:34] see monograph for details


:: places i remember [12.2mb]

:: sobé lights [3.7mb]

:: homage to monet [11.3mb]

:: photo-impressionism [10.4mb]

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:: hacksnaps and harleys pictures taken from the backseat of a new york city taxi, plus other 2008 new york/new orleans selects

:: i seen you selects from 2009

:: ochee portrait of a small jamaican town

:: jazz funeral in treme/big chief photographs of two of new orleans most enduring traditions, the jazz funeral and the mardi gras indians

:: photo-impressions 2007 selects

:: photo-variations an experimental series exploring the nature of the digital darkroom

projects plus

:: thinkbigeasy [pdf] an art event using mega-scale photography to transfrom public spaces