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Christian Reality TV Starts New Season With Big Hits

Saint or Sinner?
280 million Americans are chosen at random to have surveillance cameras installed in their homes, workplaces and throughout their neighborhood streets. Each week the “Elected” audience will view the often hilarious taped episodes and choose the “Sinners” who will be thrown off the show and into pots of boiling sulphur. Don’t miss the exciting climax of the series where you will watch the tormented sinner’s souls being torn from their bodies and dragged down to hell.

Nosy Neighbor.
A Good Christian is selected to collect the garbage and mail and eavesdrop on the phone conversations of his neighbor. The neighbor, who has been told he is to receive a special prize, is instead brought onto the show only to find his sins exposed to a national audience. Full of laughs but slow.

At the Movies.
THE CRUCIBLE. ( Film version of play by the Hebrew writer Arthur Miller, 1962.) Good Christians attempt to purge their community of Satan’s influence but are opposed at every turn by his minions who are posing as members of the liberal press. Lacks clarity and focus, message gets lost.

PHILADELPHIA STORY. A well-acted cautionary tale in which a seemingly well-bred Christian lawyer attempts to hide the consequences of his sins. Interesting special effects as the visual evidence of his blaspemies begin to appear over his body.

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